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Motivations claimed by supporters of drug prohibition laws across various societies and shpuld have included religious observanceallegations of violence by racial minoritiesand public health concerns. Decriminalisation largely applies to drug use and possession offences, not to the sale or supply of drugs. This could be because cannabis shojld does at least for some people lead to heroin use, but there are alternative explanations. Numerous moderate and responsible drug users would be worse off, while only a few abusive users would be better off.

Decriminalisation or legalisation: injecting evidence in the drug law reform debate by Professor Alison Ritter We should all be concerned about our laws on illegal drugs because they affect all of us — people who use drugs; who have family members using drugs; health professionals seeing people for drug-related problems; ambulance and police officers in the front line of drug harms; and all of us who pay high insurance premiums because drug-related crime is extensive.

The Drug Enforcement Administration DEA could have limited the supply of opioids and taken stronger legal action against companies that carelessly let their drugs proliferate to unscrupulous prescribers, instead of focusing on bit players, like pill mills that popped up across the country. The latest international review of cannabis by the World Health Organisation highlights dangers such as lung and throat cancer, and increasing incidence of mental health problems due to prolonged heavy use in a minority of users.

On the one hand making drugs legal and more available will result in more use and so increasing the incidence of harmful side effects — at great cost to society. Supreme Court has alp that because drugs are such a horrible thing, it is okay to bend the Fourth Amendment which relates to searches and seizures in order to make it easier to secure convictions in drug cases. Portugal is the first country that has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs, to positive.

July 28, Why stop drug weed?

Should drugs be legalised?

This is known as escalation theory. On that question, available evidence is far from ideal, but none of it suggests that prohibition has a substantial impact on drug use. It removes the responsibility for distribution of drugs from policy makers and hands it over to unregulated, sometimes violent dealers. However, there are many that argue that the decriminalization of possession of drugs would redirect focus of the law enforcement system of any country to put more effort into arresting dealers and big time criminals, instead of arresting minor criminals for mere possession, and thus be more effective.

But I think we have a horrible history of dealing with these kinds of things. The government even worked with the drug companies in some cases — under the influence of lobbying, campaign donations, and drugmaker-funded advocacy groups.

Drugs should be legalized

I saw friends of family members die to drug overdoses. In fact, many legal goods cause serious harm, including death.

It also costs a lot to enforce prohibition, and it means we can't collect taxes on drugs; my estimates suggest U. Economics[ edit ] There are numerous economic and social impacts of the criminalization of srugs.

It all seemed so obvious to me. But Frydl pointed me to data that showed that the agency has since at least let the quota for opioids rise and rise and rise — effectively relinquishing a tool it could have used to limit the rapid growth of opioid use.

Drug liberalization

The moral argument against legalisation is that it would send the wrong message. The research is clear on this point: Severity of punishment does little to nothing to deter crime.

The question we must ask ourselves is, "What are the benefits of criminalising any drug? Countries that operate ultra-prohibitionist policies have very high rates of HIV infection amongst injecting users. There is no framework available in which there's not harm somehow. But the US did fail.

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But if the goal is to minimize harm — to people here and abroad — the right policy is to legalize all drugs, not just marijuana. Legalisation forces organised crime from the drugs trade, starves them of income and enables us to regulate and legalissd the market i. In a society that legalizes drugs, users face only the negatives of use.

That means even if prohibition could eliminate drug use, at no cost, it would probably do more harm than good. Harm Health impact Increasingly health is cited as the main reason for prohibition.

Using illegal drugs is legalixed expensive. It is an effort that involves law enforcement, courts, corrections, education, health care, and a multitude of political groups.

Drug legalization?: time for a real debate

Either you have legwlised massive reduction in civil rights or you have to look at some radical solutions. Some commentators have speculated that this is because of public opinion — decriminalisation is regarded as an unpopular policy choice. It would take roughly 30 years of murders, at the rateto kill this many Americans. Yet millions risk lebalised, elevated prices, impurities, and the vagaries of black markets to purchase these goods, suggesting people do derive benefits from use.

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From this perspective, the case is even stronger for legalizing cocaine or heroin than marijuana; for hard drugs, prohibition mainly raises the price, which increases the resources devoted to the black market while having minimal impact on use. Yet amidst these cultural and political shifts, American attitudes and U. Many countries, including Australia, have decriminalised cannabis use: measures include providing diversion programs all Australian states and territoriesand moving from criminal penalties to civil penalties such as fines in South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Marijuana, for example, appears incapable of causing a lethal overdose, but cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine can kill if taken in excess or under the wrong circumstances. The moral arguments noted above also apply to decriminalisation — lesser penalties may suggest that society approves of drug use.

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This just seems to be how legalization works in America. Drug decriminalization is in some ways an intermediate between prohibition and legalization, and has been criticized as being "the worst of both worlds", in that drug sales would still be illegal, thus perpetuating the problems associated with leaving production and distribution of drugs to the criminal underworld, while also failing to discourage illegal drug use by removing the criminal penalties that might otherwise cause some people to choose not to use drugs.

As a result, a lot of people have died: In terms of overdoses, the opioid epidemic is deadlier than any other drug crisis in US history — more than crack, meth, and any other heroin epidemic. Poverty and despair are at the root of most problematic drug use and it is only by addressing these underlying causes that we can hope to ificantly decrease the of problematic users.