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Austin Ward PM Good afternoon, everybody. So, that doesn't figure to really be about "star power," per se, but the Buckeyes aren't having a hard time attracting the top talent in the country. Austin Ward PM I think next season could be a slight step back for the Badgers given the holes they have to fill, but even saying that, I still think Andersen and his staff could keep them in contention in the division. Paul Washington,DC Who will have a better year next year?

Have you talked with Coach Meyer about how he feels about being picked over 'Bama?

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And Smith is still the same home-run threat occasionally dealing with inconsistency in his hands, though his route-running is sharper and his athletic ability is off the charts. I think maybe a city like Detroit would try to throw its hat in the ring, but really there's not much to complain about with Indy -- and the SEC has proven that sticking with what works for the title game is an effective strategy.

See you all next time! He will be heading back to the U. Sorry for the late start, but we're working on some new features in terms wihh covering both the Buckeyes and the Big Ten that I think you'll like and that is taking up a bit of our time.

As for getting ready of the quality nonconference games, Gene Smith has been adamant that they will be part of Ohio State's future and not affected by the wuth in scheduling philosophy within the conference -- so it should mean fewer cupcakes. What a complete rip off, they didn't even play football.

I am curious to how exactly the Buckeyes are planning to fill that void, because the two most touted guys they've ed over the last two years, Mike Mitchell and Raekwon McMillan, both project as inside linebackers. Better to go with the unknown that gives you a shot at victory than repeat the same close losses with Stave.

If Stave is on the bench, UW will have a shot. Austin Ward PM That depends entirely on the individual, Keith, because there are definitely a of kids who make that choice to drop down a level and get more playing time.

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Whats the deal? But he would quickly discover that for a social scientist, there is an incredible demand and need for working in the setting of disasters. And the late surge by James Franklin also deserves praise. Curtis Grant is already in the middle, though it wouldn't be a stretch to think he could be passed on the depth chart by one of them depending on how the spring shakes out.

One note here on the start time -- I've got to push it back to about due to a short meeting. Sry no props from anyone not wearing Scarlet and Gray if they go Ward ed ESPN.

There is plenty of street auztin, and we are near many bus stops. She has worked fervently for the community for years. Barnett and probably Doran Grant can be trusted to win their matchups, freeing Fickell up to do more creative things in the front seven and make those less talented quarterbacks uncomfortable. The secondary, even without Roby, Barnett and Bryant, has plenty of talent. He's only scratching the surface of what he could be at tackle in terms of his technical ability, and there's no question he's got the physical tools to get the job done.

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Keith Ohio One thing I've always wondered is why the star recruit on as scale of chooses attending schools like Ohio State and sit the bench for 4 years when they could play for a MAC team and maybe be a star? Austin Ward PM All right, folks, that will do it for me today. He urged students at the chat to promote an environmental arts clinic or environmental film class here at FES.

Austin Ward PM Assuming strength of schedule becomes a factor for the selection committee as most assume it will, eliminating one of those pushover games in favor of a an additional Big Ten game should be a benefit for Ohio State. Trevor Wisconsin Thoughts on Wisconsin next year for coach Anderson's sophomore year? Austin Ward PM Braxton Miller is obviously the easiest answer, and he's the guy who turns the team into a threat to win the national title.

Thank you for your opinion. Star-Tribune and the Knoxville Tenn.

Advance austin: the poc vote: a chat with jamarr brown & pooja sethi

The poor guy can't run as much as he did or chqt will get auxtin again. As with any February prediction, I'm sure we'll all look back and laugh at me later. My time is up here and I've got to run. We also haven't had a chance recently to talk to him about it, but if we did, I'm sure he would downplay that as opinion. Austin Ward PM I was somewhat surprised by the Damian Prince decision, but that does speak to Maryland's ability to at least keep some high-end talent from its backyard in the fold.

I also don't think it will change the approach or give the Buckeyes an inflated sense of themselves because they already expect to contend for a national championship this year, and with that bar set, they should already anticipate things like polls and awards talk centering around the program.

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Not highly ranked, auatin kept some big local talent home. Austin Ward PM The next two title games will be played again in Indianapolis, and sometime in the near future it will start accepting bids for the games starting in and beyond. Hope you all enjoyed ing day and everybody's team got exactly the players it needed.