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Crime scene jtbc

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The cases covers a variety of settings from a classroom murder to a prison murder. The thing Crime Scene gets absolutely right is the asymmetry of information between the cast.

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Rewatch Value: I rated it the lowest because there's no suspense and thrill anymore if you rewatch it. They all have different ways of expressing themselves and unique ways of deduction and ecene, hence bringing in the comic relief in an otherwise serious show. Finally, the detective is now the only player who can request a 1-on-1 Interrogation. Fortunately, it was fixed from episode 7 onward.

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In addition, the detective also has an extra vote with two votes, while the other members only can vote for one suspect at htbc end of the investigation. The rest of the investigation is split up into several segments: Alibi: Each player introduces themselves as the suspect they are portraying, gives some background information about their relationship with the victim, and describes their whereabouts before and scenne the crime.

Korean Variety Review: Crime Scene Season 1 Hallyu hits in different sizes and shapes but the one that fascinates me sdene most is Korean varieties. The realism of this show is no small feat, especially as the case changes every week. To do that, they are allowed to investigate the crime scene and interrogate each other.

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: After the Final Criminal Vote, the player who receives the jtc votes is "arrested" and locked in a makeshift prison, and the players who voted for that person are revealed. On-Site Investigation: Each player is given ten minutes to investigate the crime scene for clues. That one I will get to later. As in Season 1, if the criminal is not arrested, the criminal takes all of the winnings instead.

The winner are then rewarded with a certain amount of money. This show began last year and the second season of the show is currently airing. Detective's Assistant: In Season 2, the detective's scenee was a crew member who helped deliver hints to the cast, as well as bring suspects in at jfbc start of the episode and escort them to 1-on-1 Interrogations with the detective. I really found the format of this show awesome and unique.

Free Briefing: Similar to the 5-Minute Briefing, except for the fact that no time limit is imposed on the players and everyone is allowed to ask questions. sceme

Review: crime scene season 1

The detective is always innocent and therefore can serve as a trusted ally to the other players. I think the most improved out of the main cast would be Kim Yoon Ji and I am sad that she won't be in the 2nd season.

Each of them are also ased a sceen in the murder narrative, with one being the true culprit. Additionally, he now sits in the Briefing where the players discuss evidence, and the detective can consult with him before their first criminal vote. Free Talk: The players are seated in a circle and allowed to freely discuss the case in order to come to a consensus on the murderer.

Despite being produced by a cable TV scens JBTCthis show drew attention because of its elaborate sets and props and the highly entertaining yet intelligent cast. This segment is run at the same time as the 1-on-1 Interrogation.

Hyun-moo and Yoon-G in particular brings almost nothing intelligent to the table the latter is clearly there for the visualsas opposed to Jin-ho and Ji-yoon that not surprisingly, were brought back for the second season. Additionally, only the player currently giving the briefing is allowed to ask any questions. For example, player A is cheated on by the murder victim, a definite motive for murder.

The players are then given more detailed information about the suspect they are respectively portraying, including the suspect's personality, whereabouts during the crime, relationship to the other suspects, and in the case of the murderer evidence that can be used against them. Scfne On-Site Investigation: All the players gather at the crime scene for additional investigation and discussion.

However, outside the realm of cultural marketing, a of Korean varieties sceene in bringing fresh ideas to the TV screen with great entertainment values. The culprit win the episode if an innocent is voted, likewise, the rest of the casts win if the culprit is voted.

Case Briefing: Upon discovering crims crime scene, the players are given the "case briefing", which includes a summary of events that occurred before the murder and a list of the possible suspects. Immediately afterwards, each player chooses a suspect to roleplay as for the remainder of the game. Addition of "Detective" Role: In every case one of the players is now ased the "detective" role.

This also allowed the writers and producers of this show to develop each character more, adding more layers and complexity to each character, showing depth and substance to this variety show. Share this:. Not only does it elaborate details related to the crime, the show also informs the viewers some ways to prevent it.

Crime scene

Crime scene originally aired onwith a renewed second season the year after. However, only player B knows this beforehand as the person who cheated with the victim; the rest of the cast need to find an evidence in the set to prove this. The narrative de on the roles are often very confusing, giving a similarly ificant motive to almost every cast without an incriminating, substantial evidence resulting in the aforementioned random guessings.

As each person plays as a different person in the story, the information they have on the other is noticeably different. Out of all the guests, my top picks would be Kang Min Hyuk and the real detective that appeared with him. I really thought Henry was weird during his appearances. Story - I love how each case was based on a true crime that occurs in reality. The pacing of the show is super slow on the first 6 episode, only because the case are split into two episodes.

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Once the season is over, only the top 3 players get to keep their earnings all of the frime are treated as a single player for this purpose. This post in particular will talk about the first season that consists of 10 episodes. As none of the cast members are professional actors, it is definitely difficult for them to play their roles convincingly, and indeed, this was a complaint made for the first season of this show.

Music - I didn't really took notice of the music sceme the cases but I rated it 10 because I loved the last music they used during the last scenes of the last episode. To aid the players in remembering clues they deem important, they are crimw each given a camera that can take up to ten pictures.

The pre-established relationship in the narrative impacts the dynamic of the show greatly, creating memorable reveal moments throughout the show. Lastly, out of everybody, I find Park Ji Yoon leaving a bad taste during the last 2 episodes with her choice of jtgc and her temper. Once called, the summoned player must leave the crime scene immediately and head to the interrogation room.