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Bluelight (web forum)

Waiting for gyno symptoms isn't the best way to go either. Three discussion forums were included in this study: aussiegymjunkies. Participation in the discussions on the website requires the creation of an individual avatar, which is used for identification between members.

Publication types. I mean I legitimately don't understand why you want to try something new? Conclusions: This study identified strong, unified and unique communities of recreational drug users that can provide an insight into the growing market in new drugs and drug compounds, and may be key components in future research, harm reduction and prevention strategies. Sites were chosen on the basis of their Google search ranking.

Two themes were identified: 1 personal experiences and advice and 2 referral to services and referral to the scientific literature. The Internet has emerged as an important resource for technical and pharmacological knowledge in the absence of evidence-based literature, and for identifying emerging trends. Reports for each drg listed by Erowid sit within a wider Vault containing drjg information, chemical and pharmacological papers, media coverage, journal articles and more.

Thre were read and downloaded between July and August, Forum members and moderators appeared frustrated about the naivety of new users and their apparent disregard for their own personal safety. Both are valuable.

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Table 1 Themes and topics characterised within posted thread responses Full size table Theme 1: advice and personal experience The first theme is concerned with the sharing of advice and personal experiences. Member 2: Bro, switching compounds is good; you can build tolerance to a compound. The findings of this study regarding peer support are consistent with the work of Marshall et al.

Past research has demonstrated the importance dug networks play in the supply of PIEDS [ 789 ], the distribution of injecting forrum [ 1011 ], and the sharing of advice and information about use [ 121314 ]. For example, members regularly sought advice about side effects,provision, course duration and type, or products, and in response, other members would offer specific instruction, advice, or recommendations.


Members who were included in these discussions were often seen as elders or as trusted advisers. For example, discussions of negative experiences were not isolated to just physical fodum. I'm not saying this is your case, but I think anyone who decides to take AAS has to realize they are potentially making a long term commitment. Member 2: Mate, I don't see any point in running the same compound.

The fourth step involved analysing topical codes to determine a dominant theme. Blast a bit of HCG with some zinc and folate, then get a semen analysis done to see where you at.

Only handles were downloaded, though these have been excluded from quotes. If I was you the most I would be looking at would be increasing the test dose alone, it doesn't sound like you need any additional compounds yet. In line with the findings from studies of online drug forums, members visit these forums to learn how to avoid harm as well as help others use more safely, but their language may differ from traditional harm reduction discourses.

We read those sites and observe what people drut saying.

Matters of substance

Which pills are good and which are dangerous. The home also offers the option of encrypted Drut browsing. We believe that civilisation will be better served over the long term by erring on the side of allowing more. The themes were reviewed across forums and checked for distinction and coherence.

E-psychonauts: conducting research in online drug forum communities

Member 2: I agree this stack put me in some dark places. However, I would opt for a different ester. Members would openly drub any negative mental health effects they were experiencing from particular substances or combinations of substances. Aims: It was the aim of this study to explore the key features of drug-related Internet forums and the drug forum communities.

Mythbusters: The current drug control system works to reduce availability, increase prices and mitigate risks from drugs. The fifth step dfug categorising the codes into themes. Journalist from Auckland who publishes publicaddress.

Publication types

ChEckiT out Oh, Vienna! No other content restrictions were placed on drhg however, temporal limitations were applied, and any thread not commented on since was excluded, as data suggests that this is when a large increase in PIED users especially novice users attending needle and syringe programmes was detected [ 27 ].

The aim of this study was to explore the type of information that PIED users seek and share on these forums. The engagement of health professionals within forums could prove a useful strategy for engaging with this population to provide harm reduction interventions, particularly as forum members are clearly seeking further reliable information, and peers may act as a conduit between users and the deug and medical profession.

We have no unedited, unreviewed documents.

Forum members often possess a strong identity and group cohesion, strengthened by a sense of shared experience. In short, yes low thyroid function hypothyroidism is associated with lower testosterone and elevated thyroid function hyperthyroidism with increased testosterone — See these articles to why [user lists four articles from the scientific literature] Discussion The aim of this ddrug was to explore and characterise discussions regarding PIED-related harm on dedicated online forums.

The first step involved reading the dataset three times so as to become familiar with the thre, with the aim of developing an impartial overview in the complete absence of any specific hypothesis. Most users methodically note their bodyweight and dose and the timing and duration of effects along with their subjective impressions and advice. There was a similar thread a month ago, search for that thread and have a read what you need to do and why.

The Shroomery shroomery. Online forums have led to a rise in peer-to-peer education and knowledge sharing and have created opportunities for users to engage with content by allowing members to contribute information. In our opinion, it is the slow-motion shifts that create the groundwork for policy change.

Erowid et al

When a brand-new drug hits the market, web forums are one of the first places where discussion begins. Compound tolerance?

Many of the debates were related to compound foru, dosage, timing, and reasoning. However, the Internet has shifted the way those who consume substances seek and share information [ 17 ].

Erowid also separately operates ecstasydata. The anonymity that forums provide allowed members to discuss important topics related to their experiences which may not come up in open forums. Abstract Background There is good evidence to suggest vorum performance fogum image enhancing drug PIED use is increasing in Australia and that there is an increase in those using PIEDs who have never used another illicit substance.

The thre were analysed following the constant comparative method advocated by Miles and Huberman [ 31 ].