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Ecstasy stories

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These days, drugs testing organisation The Loop regularly finds pills containing up to mg of the drug. He ran a junior high drug ring and sold the Ecstasy to a year-old dealer named Calin Fintzi, who then sold them to Irma's friends. It was great after that. Five people in all were charged.

Its Crush, Dab, Wait campaign encourages people to think carefully about how they consume their MDMA and advises them to crush the crystals into a fine powder, have one dab with a finger and wait an hour or exstasy before taking more. Steve was at a gig himself ecstaay night, at the Club on Oxford Street in central London, when he got a call from his wife to say something was wrong. He gave Irma water and marijuana to help her get through her "bad trip.

Her death is one of a series of accidents that suggest drug-detection dogs are a danger to punters, rather than a deterrent.

They were in shock, but they were very supportive. I'm also someone who comes down very hard, ecstsy that almost always involves vomit anyway.

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Anyway, I did a line of MDMA and, stupidly, a bomb, and we left right after to walk the whole way down from Hove to the Concorde 2, on the Brighton seafront. It was perhaps the second or third time she had taken MDMA. I think he was well liked because of the person he was.

My friend laughed at me for my hubris until, 12 seconds later, she had to make a similar dash to the toilet where she almost vomited profusely. Emily was incredibly sociable.

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There is not. I got my mate to blow cigarette smoke in my mouth, because it was making ecsfasy retch, and then finally it all came out — lo and lo and lo of sick outside The Other Stage, while they kept their backs turned to me, saying encouraging things like, "Aww, you alright babes.

It is a move that many are keen to embrace, from researchers to clubbers and police officers to parents. He rushed across the city to find his daughter in hospital with a medical team trying storiess save her life. One day I bit glass, just like I would have bitten an apple.

Irma perez, 14

Sure, I'd had the grim "do too much, get a great high that you try and fail to sustain and end up projectile vomiting all day long" a few times. Here: some stories about exactly that. The excitement was mounting daily. It started 20 years ago, doing basic tests at clubs and festivals around the country.

This means two things. On the way back to the tent I came down like my soul was being sucked out of my little arsehole. I almost died.

One of the few people to issue a warning in this country was Fiona Measham, who posted about the drug on social media. You start to believe stries have found something great and others must not try to tell you the contrary.

Embarrassed pill takers tell us their worst ecstasy stories

A reference to a man dying and four others being hospitalised in Manchester is now thought to have been caused by the drug spice. I pray that in time the nightmares will fade away. Paramedics were called and she was taken to hospital just before 10pm. In fact, thinking about it, it might have been something else in there entirely, because I wasn't throwing up from coming up; I was just puking because I uncontrollably needed to puke.

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That terminated my relationship with MDMA, but I'm pleased to confirm the friendships remain in tact. Measham hopes the UK will be able to expand its pill testing beyond festivals, but she has faced resistance from local authorities. ecstady

Again, like a fucking idiot, I went off into a bush to throw up because there was a girl at the party I fancied and I was embarrassed. And the higher I got, the deeper I sank into a dark, lonely place. This reference has stpries removed. Two eighth grade girls pleaded guilty to two felonies—furnishing a minor with a controlled substance and cruelty to likely to cause harm or death. About 12 seconds later, I had to run to the toilet, where I proceeded to vomit everywhere.

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By the time he started to feel unwell, they had become separated. So I did a shit ton more, also started drinking, and the next thing I remember is it being day time and I am shivering in the foetal position outside Bristol Temple Me with on speed dial while a girl I'd never met before is sitting beside me snorting ketamine off a mirror. It was one of them. I worry about my future and my health every day. So was the dealer who supplied the Ecstasy.

He was fine afterwards, just embarrassed and still covered in shit.

I was extremely high straight afterwards, jaw rolling around like a tumble dryer. I do feel like if it had been normal MDMA, though, I'd know what I was doing — so the moral of the story probably is: how can ecetasy know how to dose when you have no idea what you're jamming up your horrible bleeding nose while knee-deep in pissy toilet roll?

Irma Perez, 14 At a Glance Irma was a year-old girl whose one-time experimentation with Ecstasy resulted in her death five days later, when she was taken off life support. Forensic medical experts say that Irma's brain swelled from a lack of oxygen. Even with the limitations of drug testing, the growing acceptance of this approach allows the sharing of advice and support that could save lives.

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Another time, I tore rags with my teeth for an hour. Dims immediately issued a warning on TV. People need information.