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The nudist area Baaiegatstrand was greatly improved in time for the season after a brief period of closure.

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Beach regulations prohibit the use of any kind of recording device on this beach, in order to protect the privacy of beach users. The water deepens slowly, so it is the ideal place for swimming. Clothing is strictly required elsewhere in the forest.

Het Twiske The beach area at Het Twiske is clearly divided into sections for nudists and non-nudists. The nudist area lies between poles 68 and 71, giving nude visitors a whole 3km stretch to enjoy.

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Young people teenagers who come along with their parents but feel uncomfortable naked are of course allowed to wear a bathing suit. You will find many beaches for nude recreation along the coast, on the Wadden Islands and along the many inland lakes.

There are even beaches where the first people to arrive decide whether there will be nude or dressed recreation mude on that particular day. On beaches with specific nudist areas, it is important that appropriate levels of clothing are always worn on all other areas of the beach.

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Etiquette Formally, it is not compulsory to be nude on a nude beach—but it is expected. Zandvoort Zandvoort Zandvoort is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Netherlands, thanks to its abundance of white, sandy dunes.

There are kiosks and toilets on site, as well as a proper hollznd area. Be sure to check out: The best beaches in the Netherlands There are some secluded beaches which are entirely dedicated to social nudity, whereas other beaches have official nudist areas which are clearly marked. Scheveningen Scheveningen This beach in Scheveningen lies close to The Hagueand therefore gets quite busy during the summer months.

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There are 6 beach pavilions along this stretch of beach, some of which even permit nudity for guests on the terrace. The beach has become more popular in recent years, following the improvement work. The sandy beach stretches for over 2km, so there is plenty of room for visitors to enjoy themselves, although be careful not to exit the nudist section, which is nkde marked between the There are two beach pavilions catering for this area of the beach, and other sanitary facilities are also available.

There are also many informal nude beaches that spontaneously emerged because they were being used for nude recreation. The beach pavilion at pole The water is relatively shallow and free from pond weed, so this is a good beach for those who are not strong swimmers.

If you are in doubt, check how others on the beach are dressed. Maribaya serves Indonesian food, Paal 69 serves ethically sourced world cuisine and Ganpati serves tasty vegetarian meals, if hoolland fancy eating something a little different.

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Topless sunbathing is allowed on most beaches in the country, so feel free to sunbath like this, unless there are s hol,and such behavior. Bussloo Bussloo is one of the largest nudist beach zones, consisting of large sunbathing meadows and smaller sandy beach areas.

It was made official in following an influential court case related to the matter of nudism in public. It is inappropriate to explicitly watch others who are enjoying the nudist beach, and sexual intimacy where others can see you is also frowned up. Explicitly watching others and overly intimate behaviour is not appreciated, but overall the Dutch are far from prudish and very tolerant.

Callantsoog Callentsoog is the oldest official nudist beach in the Netherlands. Each pavilion has its hollznd individual rules though, so it is always best to check before you enter unclothed: These pavilions clearly state their rules, so newcomers can see them. Unfortunately there are no beach pavilions within the nudist area, although there are clothed food and drink areas within walking distance.

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However, it is certainly legal if there are no other recreationists using the beach. Below is a selection of some of the best nudist beaches in the Netherlands. The nudist area starts about 1km north of the main beach area, between poles There are plenty of places which are ideal for family days out or trips with friends, however there is also a wide array of nudist or clothing optional beaches for those who prefer to engage in friendly social nudity when they are on a beach.

There are also some informal spots which have not been formally sanctioned by the local authorities and are not officially marked out, however, most beach users understand that these are nudist areas.

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It is now safer, cleaner and more spacious than ever before. In general, the Dutch population are very tolerant of nudism on beaches, as long as it hloland not impacting on anyone else, and so long as certain rules are followed.

Amsterdamse Bos Although it is not strictly a beach in the strictest sense of the word, there is a sunbathing meadow area set out within the Amsterdam Forest Park which has been set aside for nudists. Most of these nude beaches have been allocated by the government and are clearly marked with a .