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I will never stop thanking God for giving me such a wonderful, amazing and super loving guy in my life.

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In the band put together Revenge of the Uned, their first official CD. Parih ko na din kayang magmahal pa ng iba. But at the same time, filled with hope - that this is the decade for me to try to figure out who I am. Sa 1 year 7 months naten, we both know na lagi tayo sinusubok dahil hindi na nawawala saten yung mga problema, away, break-ups.

Contains tracks

Kaya ba ganun na lang ako naging msyadong na-attached sayo dati dahil ikaw na talaga yung matagal ko ng hinahanap, yung tinatawag nilang soulmate. Thank you for always trying hard to make me happy. This new deluxe edition of the album contains six bonus tracks aside from the ten main tracks. Hindi na ako teenager. Wellkung ikaw nga talaga si soulmate, isa lang masasabi ko. As a new chapter of my life was about to begin, I was filled with sadness.

The group continued as a trio until the middle ofwhen a common friend in the Ateneo Musicians' Pool recruited Chino Singson to play guitar with the group at a school event. Unfortunately, communication and scheduling issues forced Cruz to leave the group.

Ikaw parin ang bebe ko gif

They have also contributed songs to numerous compilations, most notably including the Kami nAPO Muna tribute albums. This is arguably the band's most widely publicized song because of the series' popularity and media exposure.

Basta kahit na ano pang away ang mangyari saten, walang susuko saten dalawa. To our friends and listeners who are currently in their twenties, here are ten things we wished ioaw learned when we were in our twenties.

The band intended for Revenge to be their independently released debut album in the event that no major record label would them. Sobrang mahal na mahal kita higit pa sa sarili ko. In August of the same year, the band released "Pariwara," a song written in collaboration with Ely Buendia. At salamat babj kahit ano pa man nangyari nun, hindi mo pa rin ako sinukuan talaga.

According to Ukaw, the song had been in his chest of unfinished ideas since the days of the Eraserhe. First of all, I wanna thank him for bringing you into my life.

Hindi ko na maimagine ang buhay ko kung wala ka. Breakthrough success[ edit ] Inthe Itchyworms released Noontime Show, which gave them modest national success and industry recognition. Commercial breakthrough[ edit ] The popularity and radio-friendliness of the band's songs have gained the attention of several well-known commercial brands in the Philippines.

The band performed at various school-based events and competitions with a handful of original songs and Beatles covers. In they launched their fourth full-length studio album, After All This Time.

This predicament forced Yu to take up the bass guitar vacancy, effectively making the band a trio. Little Monsters, the band's first major-label album, was released in and contained songs from Revenge plus new compositions by Nicolas and Jugueta.

Thank you dahil tinatry mo bumawi din saken nung time na nagkamali ka. But with that sadness is a gift of retrospect that I can give as a gift to my 19 year old self. Shortly thereafter, Ely and the Jo got together at his home studio, known as the Bunker, to hash out a final arrangement. Honestly, hindi ko alam kung san at pano ako magsisimula.

Sana ikaw parin ang baby ko

The release of the album was somewhat ill-timed as its glossy pop-rock sound was an aberration in the Korn -influenced OPM Rock landscape of the late s to early s. Thank you dahil simula ng naging tayo at hanggang ngayon, ag ka nagsasawa na ipakita at iparamdam saken yung pagmamahal mo.

Ang dami dami ko gusto ipasalamat kay God. Nakakatawa dahil naiisip ko tuloy ngayon, totoo ba talaga yung tinatawag na soulmate? In addition EnervonClose-Up and San Miguel Beer have also commissioned the band to write original songs for their advertising campaigns. Gaya ng lagi ko sinasabi sayo, simula ng dumating ka sa buhay ko ang daming nagbago saken.

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Fast forward to today, where in a few days I'll be turning 32, I'm also sad to leave my 20s behind. Simula ng nakausap kita noon, parang simula nun gusto na kita palage kausap. Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasiganby this time both former Eraserhe, co-produced the album with the group. The song went on to win top prize at abg finals night in April. Parang may something sayo na hindi ko maexplain, na parang may humihila saken palage para maging malapit sayo. Alam ko na sobrang dami ko ng kasalanan sayo at nagawang pagkakamali.

No matter what happens, we have to be there for each other. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Influences[ edit ] Although the individual members of the band draw on distinct influences, their common affection for The Beatles and The Eraserhe heavily defines the quartet's musical sound.

The new release blends kko best of their songwriting sensibilities.

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Sana talaga kung ano man nangyari noon, kalimutan na naten. The song remained untouched until earlywhen vocalist Jugs Jugueta asked after any partial songs Buendia may have had lying around.

Singson eventually went on to become a permanent member, which solidified the group's current lineup. Ngayon na 1 year 7 months na tayo, naiisip ko lahat ng nangyari saten simula nung unang usap naten 3 years ago October 20, up to this day. The song "Antipara" was probably the most well-known song on the album.

Human contributions

I will always always love you, bhe. Again, gusto ko humingi ng sorry sa lahat lahat. Discography[ edit ] To date the itchyworms have released four full-length studio albums and one EP.