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Slutty shoes

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People often notice I'm really down to earth and they usually feel comfortable and feel they can talk to me. I have a full time great job ans own a home.

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Well it kinda does to me too, just like it should on elutty other normal girl. Nue Car Print Block Heels — key in ignition, engine start up noise, rackety rumble of an old car It makes me feel like an weird old car that sticks out like a sore thumb amongst traffic because of the colour and shape. Once to an event I have in mind… and er.

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Share this:. Cotton On crackled silver flats — A little mad and happy.

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I admire those people who LIVE in heels. Everyone looks awesome in heels, it gives them lengthy legs and curvy calves. Those are what I feel for most of my flats… but heels, wedges, platforms, stilettos.

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