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Sexual practices among unmarried adolescents in tanzania

These findings suggest for a more rigor approach of reproductive health education and especially of safer sex to adolescents without forgetting those in-schools. This includes human rights violations, health promotion and other related issues. All households in the selected ten-cells were included in the sample and adolescents within these households were asked to participate in the study.

White; Male. Confidentiality was adhered to both among in and out-of-school adolescents when conducting interviews.

These key questions were among those addressed by delegates at a half-day conference in Dar es Salaam, hosted by Internews on May 3, In this paper we use data generated from a survey on 'assessing risk sexual behaviour among adolescents' that was conducted in tanzzania served by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. More females, 76 Full size table Females reported ificantly older age of Available literature on sexuality and reproductive behaviour among adolescents in the region show that there have been minimal changes in risky sexual behaviours and their undesirable outcomes such as unwanted pregnancies, STIs and HIV [ 10 — 12 ].

The estimated sample sizes for each study site were primary schools, secondary schools, and out-of-school tanzana. Delegates included college students and lecturers, journalists, CSOs, and diplomats from foreign embassies. Targets in each of the selected primary schools were students in class 5, 6 and 7.

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In total we targeted about 2, in-school and 1, out-of-school adolescents. In most cases, those entrusted with power, for example educators, government officials or judges, abuse authority to suit sexual fantasies. Seex sextortion is criminalized in Tanzania, campaigners say the law is too weak to deter perpetrators who often pay fines and get released. While the distasteful trend has been in existence for years, its subliminal nature, owing to unreported cases, has enabled it to flourish.

Other reported adolescents' sexual practices include heterosexual, sexual coercion and age differences between sexual partners [ 15 — 20 ]. Leila Sheikh, a Dar es Salaam-based social justice activist, urges women to raise their voices against the vice. Launching its own contribution, Internews Tanzania presented a short film entitled Option 3.

Therefore a cluster was selected at random in each class making three clusters per selected primary school. The target for secondary schools was students in forms 3 and 4. The target population for the study was adolescents 10 to 19 years who were attending primary and secondary schools as well as those who were out-of-school. Female adolescents reported more of these sexual activities than males.

Classes 5 to 7 and forms 3 and 4 were believed to maximally capture the desired age of 10 to 19 years of students in schools.

Population of tanzania ()

Although among all adolescents analyzed, Although there is a great variability in sexual practices, particularly in sub-Saharan countries, such practices were always considered to go hand in hand with in taboos and cultures [ 2 — 4 ]. DOI: Sex work is illegal in Tanzania and it is punishable by law. We advocate for a more enhanced approach of reproductive health education that includes safer sex to adolescents without forgetting those in-schools.

The population is stable, neither increasing nor decreasing. A study conducted in Zimbabwe indicated that the most common type of sexual practice is penetrative vaginal sex and other forms were reported to be rare [ 7 ]. Males were ificantly older than females; mean age for boys Insez estimated 1.

Out-of-school adolescents were interviewed at their household. Among the public health concerns are some of the reported types of swx practices in the region that increase the risk for adverse health outcomes.

In total, there were students from secondary schools. Although homosexual as well as heterosexual anal intercourse may have been practiced earlier in the continent, they are more being disclosed in recent times in different parts of Africa [ 8 ].

Prostitution in tanzania

Knowledge on types of sexual practices among adolescents may be useful in the de and implementation of appropriate measures towards improving adolescents' reproductive and sexual health. For the purpose of this paper, only data on sexuality and sexual practices have been used. This proportion does not differ with the Tanzania estimate of premarital sex in the same age group [ 26 tsnzania. I refused sexual advances from one of my teachers. From each of the three simple randomly selected villages, three sub-villages were selected using simple random sampling.

For each Diocese, first, a random sample of about primary schools was selected. Trafficking victims from other countries, particularly children from BurundiRwandaand Kenya, as well as adults from IndiaNepaland Yemen are subjected to sex trafficking. A questionnaire fanzania used to collect information and to characterize sexual practices among these adolescents. Retrieved 11 February The magnitudes of reported sexual abuse in this study which range between 4 and 12 percent may have been under-reported since abuse is considered shameful hence remain secretive [ 31 ].


In total, students in primary schools were interviewed. Furthermore, of the out-of-school sexually active adolescents, Discussion In Tanzania, like many other sub-Saharan African countries, the incidence of HIV among youths aged 15 - 24 years has been alarming. Reported reasons for sex against will were rape, A tendency of increasing proportion of sexually active adolescents in Tanzania has been reported earlier [ 56 ].

ly, authors utilized this data set to explore predictors of risky sexual behaviours [ 5 ]. References 1.