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Black casual shoes standing at the crossroad making decision whichway to go - man, woman or transexual including The Woman Inside. Instead stories always focus on pre-transition life and struggles during transition and never on their life afterwards. Their personal successes insure that they assimilate and blend right into society.

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Others share their stories by being "virtually out" VO only via the web while otherwise remaining woodworked or in stealth. Transexual male posing in studio with costume Three ways crossroad - man, woman or transexual. Jean with a heart sewed in it that has a transexual flag colors in a heart shape. The invisibility of these successes supports notions that gender transitions often have rather sad outcomes. The declaration is written with permanent marker Close up frozen leaves leaf on grass field.

The woman with colorful umbrella on white Woman with colorful umbrella on white. Close up of three bizarre transvestites sticking out tongue, isolated on white background Set. The thing that makes these women "successes" isn't how far they've gone in their careers, or how much money they've made, or how pretty some of them are, or how well known some are as entertainers.

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Constantly reminded of the violence and discrimination that trans people face, but unaware that large s of successful women get beyond such difficulties, many young transsexual girls can't see any way out of their awful predicament. Winter close up autumn leaves freeze on snow and grass field Laughing transvestites having fun. At present, the media only spotlights transsexual people on two occasions, namely when "someone well-known changes sex" and when someone is a victim of discrimination, harassment or attack.

As teenagers they and phoots parents and loved ones need to learn that a complete correction of their gender condition is now possible by applying the knowledge gained by the pathfinders who have gone before, and by exploiting the miracles of modern medicine. Man wearing woman clothing on white Bathroom.

A wrought iron bathroom Transvestite man with breasts. A few were even fortunate enough to have had the support of their parents when they were young.

Man in female clothing singing with mic The man in woman clothing with guitar. Media stories about someone's "sex change" are never followed-up to find out what happened years later. Man wearing woman clothing on white The man wearing woman clothing on white. These s are much larger than commonly assumed by the public because a photps of invisibility hides the true nature and extent of the transsexual condition.

Lynn hopes that these women's stories provide hope, encouragement and trwnsexual models to others, especially to those young transsexual girls-to-be who are facing gender transition. Others had easier transitions in more recent times in the more enlightened western countries. They leave their pasts behind and hide in plain sight in order to avoid social stigmatization and get on with their new lives.

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Happy transvestite man cross-dressing touching his breasts, isolated on white background Lesbian bike. Bearded man wearing makeup and blue female dress Woman with colorful umbrella on white. A heart symbol with the colours of the LGBTQ rainbow, pictured over the flag of England Transsexual with enormous blue eyelashes, earrings, headband with leopard bow and feathers, Bloco Orquestra Voadora, Carnaval Equality and Diversity concept - image.

As a result, young transsexual girls often waste precious years before they seek help, and many never find a way to correct their gender condition. A transexual applying makeup and mirroring as a woman.

Transexual stock photos

Man in woman clothing with guitar The man in female clothing singing with mic. Background Bearded man wearing makeup and female dress. Lynn hopes that more and more successful women will quietly come out, and feel comfortable sharing their stories this way via the web. If parents can just learn to see that their transsexual child is really a "girl with a physical problem" rather than a "boy with a mental problem", then that child's future is especially hopeful.

Transexual images

The social invisibility of successful women who have undergone gender corrections supports the notion that male-to-female transsexualism is extremely rare. On white The man in woman clothing with guitar.

Concept using a male hand and a piece of paper. The women listed on these s are a very diverse group.

This gallery is from

They transitioned at many different ages. Lacking successful role models, and confronted with deliberately staged, stereotypically-prurient images of "transsexuals" from media like the Jerry Springer Show, young trans girls are often terrified to tell anyone about their condition. You can put a compelling human face on the transsexual condition by browsing the websites linked from these s, which contain information about the experiences of these successful women.

Recently the veil of invisibility has been lifting, as many post-operative women all around the world have begun creating websites to help others. These are the successes of women who have survived and corrected their earlier transsexualism, and phohos on to find joy and comfort and peace in their lives.

Some of these women are quietly "out" within the TS community. They are successes in living "life in the large".

London Pride parade in TranesxualEngland the biggest and longest ever where one and a half Disabled lovers at the Pride parade in LondonEngland However, intense transsexualism is not all that uncommon. The realities and completeness of our physical gender transformations cannot be denied.

With parental love and support, a young transsexual girl can now reach for her dreams, and go on to live a full and joyous life as a woman. The woman with colorful umbrella on white. The man wearing woman clothing on white Man wearing woman clothing. Recent calculations indicate that the condition occurs in about 1 out of every to children born as boysand that about 1 in every males in the U. After all, we are happy and productive contributors in all walks of life: as doctors and lawyers, as scientists, engineers and programmers, as airline pilots, transxual entrepreneurs, managers and office workers, as university professors and students, in politics, in education, in law enforcement, in the skilled trades, in modeling and in entertainment.

Transexual stock photos are available royalty-free.

Some rose from extremely humble beginnings, including living on the streets, and yet succeeded anyways. The reason is that most successful women live in "stealth mode" or are "woodworked". Taken together, our stories will gradually help change people's views of the transsexual condition. Only stories of phoos social failures and victims of harassment and attacks remain visible longer term. Concept of femininity inside every person Jean with a transgender transexhal in a heart shape sewed in it.