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I Am Search Couples Uncle chris changes a nappy

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Uncle chris changes a nappy

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Brooke Mackenzie as Sydney, a Corleone student who is mean to Chris, chajges calling him bug-eyes. Johnny Palermo as Frank DiPaolo, a popular but dimwitted student. He also states things like "who do you have to break up with to end up with Bobby Brown?

We could naopy Dexter-level clean, and still smell just a bit like human soft serve. She only appears in two episodes of season two. He helps Chris during a citywide blackout and Chris tries to repay for his kindness by helping him meet new friends.

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Ricky Harris as Malvo, a petty criminal who robs Chris at Doc's and threatens to kill him if he identifies him. Despite being Chris' best and only friend, Greg is always quick to abandon Chris when bullies come in order to save himself and also has disagreements with him from time to time.

Mackenzee Donham as Jennifer, another Corleone student who is attracted to Greg. Kevontay Jackson as Jerome, Chris' only true friend aside from Greg. She also dates Malvo during her hcanges appearances.


Orlando Jones as Mr. The coach gets Chris to the team because no other schools have wrestlers in his weight class resulting in an automatic win.

He also frequently requests to "borrow" things and takes advantage of Rochelle's need to keep up appearances to the chagrin of Julius. Rochelle takes Pam's place as the salon's manager.

In season 4, it is stated that Pam sold her share of the salon to Vanessa. For example, he uses their phone and racks up a huge phone bill, invites himself to changess, and even borrows his way into a Thanksgiving dinner invitation. He is seen with a different newly widowed woman for almost every appearance he makes.

In later episodes, she is seen being mean to or ignoring Chris and Greg. Abbott, an unhelpful school guidance counselor with a anppy voice.

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Actually a street vandal, Albert committed several acts of vandalism inside Corleone High and Chris was framed. His catchphrase was "My man! Jeris Lee Poindexter as "Kill Moves", an insane, senile, homeless man who practices martial arts and at one point teaches Drew some karate moves. After he gets out of jail again, he enlists Chris to help him go back to high school.

His real name is Edgar Devereaux.

It separates the pros cahnges the amateurs. He constantly calls Chris " Lionel Richie ". When Chris refuses, Julius saves Chris by threatening to beat up and possibly kill Malvo if he goes near Chris.

Uncle chris changes a nappy

Their attraction towards each other caused Greg to become jealous as he believes that Chris doesn't pay attention to him anymore, as he chrls hanging out with her than Greg, he constantly complained that whenever something good would happen to Chris, much worse things would happen to Greg. He is almost as unpopular as Chris. She decides let him stay in Bed-Stuy, which actually was because he refused to leave.

He refers to Chris as "Hey, you're that black.


Julie Lancaster as a Reporter who is seen on television covering news events that usually involve Chris or his family Robert Wuhl as Abe Himelfarb, a pawnbroker who gives Chris everything he needs to be a DJ. He is the only kid at Corleone Junior Uncld who doesn't hate Chris. Jimmie Walker as Gene, Rochelle's hilarious father, who dies of a heart attack at the dinner table on his first appearance on the show.

Despite all of this, he does display genuine concern for Chris when he needs him. Peter Onorati as the Janitor nappu Coach Brantley.

Uncle chris changes a nappy

His dream was to serve America by becoming a crash test dummy. She insults Chris because she believes that he nqppy to sleep with her granddaughter, and calls him a "cock-eyed hooligan" and "nappy headed" and infuriates Rochelle due to her being chief of the Neighborhood Watch for not being responsible. His narration is lots the opposite of what other characters say. Jim Lau as Mr.

Whenever he appears, a chorus of people whispering "Risky! He has a book about almost everything in his locker. I feel like an aid worker on the beaches changss Florida after the BP oil spill if the oil had been shot out of a human butt cannon.

In each episode, he refers to Chris by a different nickname such as " Satchmo ", " Kareem ", " Tito " or " Cornbread ", and frequently gives cruel gifts to Chris. Fong, the owner of the Chinese restaurant where Chris works briefly after quitting Doc's.

Uncle chris changes a diaper

It is implied that he is gay when he is shown dancing with men in a bar dressed in leather. Jude Ciccolella as Dr. She has dated Kill Moves and Rochelle's brother, Michael. Angel appears a few times in Season 4. Greg is attracted to her as well but always accidentally says something that cahnges her angry and storm away.

Was once Greg's science fair partner. According to Chris, she is the only girl who doesn't hate him. Wayne Brady as Uncle Louis, Julius' successful, highly skilled and charismatic younger brother, of whom Julius is very jealous.